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Clubfoot (CTEV : congenital talipus equino varus) is the most common congenital deformity. As the name suggests, the foot is turned-in from leg & acquires a shape of the club of the golf stick. Exact reason why it happens, is unknown. Though some scientist have found specific genetic changes associated with this deformity.

Ponseti Technique:

Dr.Ignacio Ponseti (Iowa, USA) found the technique of correcting clubfoot by serial corrective plasters. This involves application of above-the-knee plasters after gentle manipulation. Plasters are changed every weekly. Usually, clubfeet require 5-6 plasters to get corrected. Dr.Maulin Shah had the fortune to learn this technique from Dr.Ponseti himself at Iowa Children’s Hospital in year 2006.


This 2 month old boy presented to Dr. Maulin shah with clubfeet deformity. He got corrected in 9 weeks time with absolutely normal feet architect without any surgical intervention. Timely presented patients of clubfeet can be treated without surgery.


This 5 years old boy never received treatment for clubfeet. His deformities worsened gradually before he presented to Dr. Shah. After surgery he achieved almost normal feet shape & function.

Case 3

Neglect club foot in a 18 year old boy.