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Cerebral Palsy (C.P.) results from temporary unavailability of oxygen to the brain of infant. This can be contributed by prematurity, neonatal convulsion, respiratory distress, hypoglycemia, neonatal jaundice etc. A child with Cerebral Palsy may demonstrate developmental delay. Their milestones are delayed compared to their peers. If they remain untreated, gradually they develop joint deformities & lose their walking ability.

Single Event Multilevel Surgery for Cerebral Palsy (SEMLS): The adolescents with Cerebral Palsy develop fixed contractures & joint deformities. These patients require surgical procedures to improve their walking balance and endurance. We prefer to perform these procedures in one stage (SEMLS). SEMLS helps reducing “in-plaster” time for patient & facilitates better rehabilitation.


R.S. is a 15 years old boy. He suffered from Cerebral Palsy. Due to the severe affection of his lower extremity muscles, he gradually bent from knees. He had severe crouch gait. His walking endurance was limited to 10 steps (indoor walking) & could not stand for more than 10 seconds, when he approached Dr.Maulin shah.

Dr.Shah performed Single Event Multi Level Surgery on him. He was operated at 12 places on his extremities & this surgery went on for 7 hours. Surgery was done in single stage. Patient was discharged from OrthoKids Clinic in 3 days. R.S. improved significantly in his walking ability 3 months after surgery. Now he walks outdoor (in community) for 3 Kilometers daily. He has gained great confidence now & looks forward to help his father in running their family. R.S. improved in his posture & this led to increased confidence & walking ability in him.

Case 2

S.S. is a 13 years old boy. He suffered from Cerebral palsy. As he approached puberty, due to rapid gain in height his muscles started becoming tight, despite of regular physiotherapy. He ended up in a severe crouch gait & resultant worsening walking ability. Dr. Shah performed an untiring 8 hours surgery on him in a single stage. He improved his posture & walking endurance 6 months after surgery. Now he is busy in study & competes with his peers with boosted self-confidence.

Case 3

J.A is a 16 years old boy presented with unstndable gait. he improve after swgical intervention at orthokids.